Hope’s harbinger

Hope’s harbinger



EUKARYOTE is pleased to announce Keisuke Katsuki Solo Exhibition, “Hope’s harbinger”, through November 1st to November 24th.

Katsuki’s optical axis of his pixel paintings have a physically displacing effect due to the display of light emissions he uses as paint (modern day images), but in the last year he has been producing art that brushes on artist William Turner, a 19th century painter who is said to be a painter of light.

In this exhibition, as a quest to tackle “that something which goes beyond light” which addresses modern times and the light emitted by displays which can be seen everywhere, he has crossed an installation, in which his visual experiences of illumination, and not just tableau imagery, has been incorporated into, with a video production, through which something quite diverse develops.
On the first floor of the exhibition, you can experience the exhibition ‘Lux’ which consists of his work under his latest theme, and against the backdrop of pictures of ‘light’ and ‘dark’, which have been painted in answer to chromatics based on the philosophy of Goethe through Turner.

His work, which has been named with the Latin name for light, and is a unit of light brightness itself, has been composed from a tableau painted with an image of the characteristics of light in which each color has been disassembled into R/G/B on one screen, and includes the fluctuation of an overlay of color and time.

In addition, his video production and the corresponding “-scape” have been reproduced through the process of reconstructing colors from looking at landscapes and applying them when painting landscape paintings, and then by rearranging and breaking down the RGB values at random, he visualizes iconic imagery which at a glance look like errors in liquid crystal displays. Further transformations of the picture positions it as a simulation of the connection between landscape painting sketches and a tableau.

For other pixel paintings there is an emphasis on materiality through random matiere and holographic-like surfaces, while his ‘Gray’ series of art works, which tackle an absence of color and subjects, will also be on display.
When Katsuki was considering the arrangement for this exhibition he commented that, “I envision a time when people lived only with the light of the sun.”
Nonetheless, in the history of painting, and the existence of light which has always been close to humanity, today’s modern life finds us living side by side with equipment that lights up the dark with LCD imagery, and when we experience the materiality that accompanies paintings, as well as physicality and light through mediums, we may find that in the optics and the science of color, which reproduce modern day natural science approaches, that we are coming face to face with an existence of light which can’t be defined.



Opening Reception



Yosiyasu Saito

Special Exhibition

3rd Floor
Keisuke Katsuki × Ryo Kikuchi

Keisuke Katsuki

1991 Born in Fukuoka Pref. Japan
2014 BFA, Tokyo Zokei University
2016 MFA, Tokyo Zokei University

Solo Exhibitions
2018 Les Nymphéas (EUKARYOTE/Tokyo)
2017 Image in the Light (Lower Akihabara./Tokyo)
2015 Color Without Color (Art Complex Center Tokyo,Tokyo)
Filled with Light (Lower Akihabara.,Tokyo)

Group Exhibitions
2018 NOUMENON (TAV Gallery/Tokyo)
2017 rgb+ 2017 exhibition vol.9 (ZOKEI Gallery/Tokyo)
2016 rgb+ 2016 exhibition vol.8 (ZOKEI Gallery/Tokyo)
iphone mural (BLOCK HOUSE/Tokyo)
2015 Tokyo Zokei University × Kyoto City University of Arts × Kyoto University of Arts Pr PROJECTS AC Exhibition(Kyoto University of Arts,Kyoto)
M Poriphony 2015 – Angle – (ZOKEI Gallery,Toyko)
Two Truths (Grifin Gallery ,London)
2014 Tokyo Zokei University × Kyoto University of Art Pr PROJECTS AC Exhibition(Court Gallery Kunitachi,Tokyo)
Art Program Ome 2014(Ome city,Tokyo)
Liquitex Art Prize 2014(Arts Chiyoda 3331,Tokyo)
Flourish switch(mime,Tokyo)
“Utsuroitsutsuuraura”(Art Lab Hashimoto,Kanagawa)
M Poriphony 2014 – Chanel – (ZOKEI Gallery,Toyko)
Abflug2014 – Through the prism(Arts Chiyoda 3331,Tokyo)
ZOKEI Exhibition(Tokyo Zokei University,Tokyo)
2013 Art Program Ome 2013(Ome city,Tokyo)

2017 The 32th HOLBEIN Scholarship
2014 Liquitex Art Prize 2014 Grand prix


EUKARYOTE is an art space which has been established in Jingumae, Tokyo, in 2018. Within the concept of something more than an occurrence of art, there is an ever spinning contemporary coin of tangibility and intangibility, and it is this essence, this universal value held by artworks and artists, which is actively accepted but left behind.