EUKARYOTE is pleased to announce CANCER Exhibition, “THE MECHANISM OF RESEMBLING”, through June 8th to July 1st.

CANCER” is the art organization founded by Taichi Hanafusa with 5 artists, Shingo Aruga, Nobuaki Itoh, Yusuke Suga, Goro Murayam, Huxo Que, and Yugo Sito as a partner.
It is the first art organization in history to break Western fine art by Eastern body to architect new perspectives since the Renaissance. Many projects, such as “Palace in the Sky,” “(A) Room for Meditational Body” and “Tomb for the Arts” are in progress that will create another world different from this present world in addition to make traditional fine arts.
“THE MECHANISM OF RESEMBLING” is the first exhibition by CANCER.

Opening Reception




Talk Event

Shingo Aruga×Taichi Hanafusa

Yusuke Suga×Taichi Hanafusa

Goro Murayama×Taichi Hanafusa

Houxo Que×Taichi Hanafusa

Nobuaki Itoh×Taichi Hanafusa

Special Talk Event


Its title, ”THE MECHANISM OF RESEMBLING,” is the homage for ”THE MECHANISM OF MEANING” written by Shusaku ARAKAWA. Mr. Yasuo Kobayashi, who has been engaged in dialogue with Shusaku ARAKAWA for many years, will have a dialogue with CANCER members at WATARI-UM Museum, which keeps running through the history of contemporary art, on June 29, 2018. What site will be landing? Another philosophy? New perspective? Other bodies? Mutated cancer? Or that ARAKAWA?

Date: 2018.6.29(fri)20:00〜
Fee: ¥2,000(Student: ¥1,500, Junior high school students and younger children are free)
Place: on Sundays(WATARI-UM Museum B1)

Guest: Yasuo KOBAYASHI(Modern philosophy, Studies of Culture and Representation)
CANCER: Taichi HANAFUSA, Shingo ARUGA, Yugo SAITO, Yusuke Suga, Goro MURAYAMA, Houxo QUE

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Yosiyasu Saito





Taichi Hanafusa
born in Okayama, Japan in 1983.

2007 Keio University, Faculty of Policy Management Bachelor of Arts in Policy Management
2010 University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology
Master of Arts in Cultural Resources Studies

S-HOUSE Museum, Art Director
Ushimado Asia Triennale, Chief Director

Selected Curations
2017 “Approach to the Front” COCONANI(Tokyo)
“Ushimado Asia Triennale 2017” Shirimi Area(Okayama)
“[Mistake Factory#3: UKAI Akiko solo exhibition: ] Illusionary Suspicion–The skin of this banana is not always slippery.” HAGISO(Tokyo)
2016 “[Mistake Factory#1: TORII Shota solo exhibition] Oblivion -The Last Love-” itadaki(Tokyo)
2015 “10−36~10−34 sec” Nam Gallery(Tokyo)
“ART BATTLE ROYALEⅡ” Nam Gallery(Tokyo)
2014 “Ushimado Asia Triennale” Ushimado(Okayama)
“Nobuaki ITOH: Artist and Prophet” HAGISO(Tokyo)
“Orgasmic Reproduction” Koganei Art Spot chateau2F(Tokyo)


Shingo Aruga
born in Nagano, Japan in 1983.
2009 Musashino Art University, B.F.A., Painting
2011 Tokyo University of the Arts, M.F.A., Painting
2015 Tokyo University of the Arts, Ph.D., Oil Painting

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2016 “Post Post Homo sapiens sapiens” BLOCK HOUSE(Tokyo)
2014 “MMM – Meta Material Museum” Kodama Gallery(Kyoto)
“SSS – Space Spiral Spirit” Art Center Ongoing(Tokyo)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 “Neo-political~ TERATOTERA festibal2017” Mitaka(Tokyo)
“Beginning from Keiichiro Kume ─ Medical Art & Illustration of the History and the Present” Tokyo University of the Arts(Tokyo)
“Yuureiga-ten” TAV Gallery(Tokyo)
2015 “When the Wind Blows” Millennium Court Arts Centre(Northern Ireland)
“10-36~10-34sec” namGallery(Tokyo)
“Space Wunderkammer Presents Post-Narratives” namGallery(Tokyo)
2014 “Arafudo Art Annual 2014” Tsuthiyu(Fukushima)
“Ushimado Asia Triennnale 2014” Ushimado(Okayama)
“Orgasmic Reproduction” Koganei Art Spot chateau2F(Tokyo)
“First Attacks!” Space Wunderkammer(Tokyo)

Nobuaki Itoh
born in Nara, Japan in 1981.
2006 Kyoto University of Arts and Design, B.A. in Fine Art, Kyoto, Japan
2009 Kyoto City University of Arts, M.F.A. in Concept and Media Planning, Kyoto, Japan
2016 Kyoto City University of Arts, Ph.D. in Art, Kyoto, Japan

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2017 “Alive / Not Alive 2012-2017” Gallery16(Kyoto)
2016 “Ato and Artist” WAITINGROOM(Tokyo)
2015 “APMoA Project, ARCH vol. 13” Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art(Aichi)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 “NEWSPACE” waiting room(Tokyo)
2017 “Melting Point2” MEM(Tokyo)
“FUNAHASHI WATASU” Nara Prefectural University(Nara)
2016 “S-HOUSEMUSEUM Opening Exhibition” S-HOUSE MUSEUM(Okayama)
2015 “GRAVEDAD CERO” Matadero Madrid(Spain)
2014 “Ushimado Asia Triennale” Setouchi City Museum of Art(Okayama)

Yusuke Suga
born in Tokyo, Japan in 1984.
2008 Tokyo University of the Arts. B.A. Fine Art Sculpture
2010 Tokyo University of the Arts. M.A. Fine Art Sculpture

Selected Exhibitions
2017 “Takamatsu Contemporary Art Annual vol.06 -Materials That Tell Stories-” Takamatsu Art Museum(Kagawa)
“OTHER WAY” Enoko(Osaka)
“Seeing Things – The Glory(of phenomenon):ActⅡ-” Hotel ANTEROOM KYOTO(Kyoto)
“Windows” Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO(Tokyo)
“Emptiness” Block House(Tokyo)
2015 “The glory(of phenomenon) act:1” TEZUKAYAMA GALLERY(Osaka)
“10-36~10-34 sec” Nam Gallery(Tokyo)
2014 “Duality of existence” Friedman benda gallery(NY)

Houxo Que
born in Tokyo, Japan in 1984.

Selected Exhibitions
2018 “Spectrum File – 19” MINA-TO spiral 1F(Tokyo)
“apple” Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO(Tokyo)
2017 “Chaos*Lounge: One Hundred Fifty Years of Solitude” (Fukushima)
“WSK AXIS 2017 De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde” School of Design and Arts(Manila)
“Windows” Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO(Tokyo)
2015 “spectrum” SEIBU shibuya Alternative Space(Tokyo)
“16,777,216views” Gallery OUT of PLACE TOKIO(Toyo)
2014 “16,777,216views” ♯BCTION(Tokyo)

Goro Murayama
born in Tokyo, Japan in 1983.
2009 Tokyo University of the Arts, B.F.A., Oil Painting
2010-2011 University of the Arts London, Chelsea College of the Arts and Design, MA fine arts course(Exchange)
2012 Tokyo University of the Arts, M.F.A., Painting
2015 Tokyo University of the Arts, Ph.D., Oil Painting

Selected Solo Exhibitions
2018 “Emergence of Order” Daiwa Foundation Japan House(London)
2017 “Disenchanting the Image in Order to Sit down and Look” G/P Gallery(Tokyo)
2016 “Simulational Poiesis” Spektakel(Vienna)
2015 “resolutional perspective” Gallery Blanka(Nagoya) & HIGURE 17-15 cas(Tokyo)
“Fantasy in prison” Koganei Art Spot chateau2F(Tokyo)

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017 “Living signs -contemporary portraits-” Koganei Art Spot chateau2F(Tokyo)
“MUSAO- Museum astray Ottakring” MASC FOUNDATION(Vienna)
“The Pandora’s box: Finding the Wondrous in the Geidai Collection” The University of the Arts Tokyo Museum(Tokyo)
2016 “PARALLEL” Alte Post(Vienna)
“E!x:creational homology” Nefrock Lab Ookayama(Tokyo)
2014 “Tokyo University of the Arts, Doctoral Program Final Exhibition” The University of the Arts Tokyo Museum(Tokyo)
“Identity X -fusion of memory ~ memory for the future-” nichido contemporary art (Tokyo)


Yugo Saito
born in Tokyo, Japan in 1981.

Selected Curations
2015 “ART BATTLE ROYALEⅡ” Nam Gallery(Tokyo)
“10−36~10−34 sec” Nam Gallery(Tokyo)
“As premise of discrimination, start with prejudice” namgallery(Tokyo)
2014 “It may be the last ?” namgallery(Tokyo)
“It is no use crying over split milk.” namgallery(Tokyo)
“Orgasmic Reproduction” Koganei Art Spot chateau2F(Tokyo)



“There are three in the world. Same, Different and Resembling.”

Humans, ever since being human beings, have produced a work of art. They continued to desire the same form which is called a works of art. And they carved the history by the difference of contingency which inevitably occurs in between them. So, we had to continue to fight on the difference between the same work of art. However, we is prohibited such a barren disputes now and here. 
The problem is that this picture is resembling to that picture, and that sculpture is not resembling this sculpture. In other words, it is the only problem that this world is resembling to that world.
Our world is resembling to the art of Renaissance. There is that perspective in our world, and our space is resembling to that color. In other words, our world is resembling to this world.
Why you can be sure this resembling. Because our bodies are resembling to the human’s who started making the work of art. Thus, that human is resembling and have being resembling to me.
However, how is resembling? After all, the mystery is the one. Anyway and anywhere, our work is for this body and that body.
For the resembling of inevitable body occur in between them.
Our skin as a surface is resembling to the form of the relief which is carved from the natural rock (Yusuke Suga). If our skin which is disguised our body form is the forth surface that follows the gas, the liquid and the individual, put in this body in between the blinking of the fifth surface whici appears in this modern age (Houxo Que). Its color refuse to be picked up by the spectrum which is visualised the particles (Shingo Aruga). In the interior of that color, non sensitive world grows wild witout input and output (Goro Murayama). The Big Bang of that world would like to be resembling this sound of pulse that surprise us every morning (Nobuaki Ito). However, that’s nothing to be compared to what I love you(Saito Yugo).
We will inverts the perspective to building a new body. Of course, our attempt will be mistaken. However, this is not just a failure. It will be the great mistake for this and that the world (Taichi Hanafusa).

“I should have liked to produce a good book. This has not come about, but the time is past in which I could improve it.”


EUKARYOTE is an art space which has been established in Jingumae, Tokyo, in 2018. Within the concept of something more than an occurrence of art, there is an ever spinning contemporary coin of tangibility and intangibility, and it is this essence, this universal value held by artworks and artists, which is actively accepted but left behind.