Rintaro Unno solo exhibition 「SESPEDED EXPLORER」

Rintaro Unno solo exhibition 「SESPEDED EXPLORER」



EUKARYOTE is pleased to announce Keisuke Katsuki Solo Exhibition, “SESPEDED EXPLORER”, through July 6th to August 5th.

For Unno, who has been familiar with TV games since childhood within an environment where information technology and the internet are now established as a social infrastructure, FPS games are not just games but something that is capturing, as an active device, choices that must be made, even more so than with other passive video experiences.
First Person is a part of the exhibition’s title First Person Suspense, a past work which forms the basis of the video work to be shown at this exhibition, FPS TV games: referring to the first person shooter system, in FPS one’s perspective becomes a camera and what can be recognized on the monitor screen is just a part of the player character’s arms and weapons, etc., on top of the arbitrarily movable field, and this can be classified as a gaming system where one can see the figure of one’s own player.

In this video work, the first person view of the character is orientated towards the smartphone camera in place of the weapon for each object that appears, and moves, within the background scenery of the mountains and forests. The field itself has a very ordinary, yet artless reality in the suburbs, and the objects, which are captured one by one by the visual point, even though they are things that resemble the artist’s background, form a narrative which is almost connected to a glance. However, in this video experience, while the boundary between the ordinary and the imaginary is ambiguous, it seems like we will be able to perceive the discomfort and divergence from what our vision usually captures.
Through the first person’s perspective, by which the meta-structure turns towards the camera of the first person character, there is a stress on a personal experience whereby one edits one’s own image in real time while the first person in the video chooses something. This is an overlap, even as an accelerating modern reality of unconscious choices in an ordinary life makes use of multiple virtual characters on SNS.

In contrast to what was the work of synchronizing real embodiment with virtual space in accordance with the development of technology, Unno has made a reversal in this work to be shown at this exhibition, he has tried to feed back physical sensations on top of a game and a reality that is comparable to an open world.
This exhibition, which even amongst his other work announced up to now, is an installation that is like a construct of a type of service to face viewers, can be said to be a media practice for visitors to think through the physicality in virtual space which has reached the same value as daily life.



Opening Reception



Takumi Nemoto


Rintaro Unno

1992 Born in Tokyo
2016 Tokyo University of the Arts,Tokyo,BFA
2018 Tokyo University of the Arts,Tokyo,MFA

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EUKARYOTE is an art space which has been established in Jingumae, Tokyo, in 2018. Within the concept of something more than an occurrence of art, there is an ever spinning contemporary coin of tangibility and intangibility, and it is this essence, this universal value held by artworks and artists, which is actively accepted but left behind.