Primordial Perception

Primordial Perception



EUKARYOTE is pleased to announce Taishi Hatayama’s Solo Exhibition, “Primordial Perception”, through June 26th to July 17nd.

Taishi Hatayama’s white-based painting series is how he kicked off his career as an artist and features paintings based on his experiences with standing face to face with trees. These paintings have the sensation of conveying the existence of what we could call the atmosphere of trees, it is something exuded by trees which are hundreds of years old but which can’t be captured physically, yet it is there. His work has garnered him many awards, such as the special jury prize (Kohei Nawa Prize) at the 1st CAF ART Awards 2014.
He creates, as a painting, art which evokes a spatial experience while still being flat; this gives the painting a physical presence which can’t be explained visually. He does this by removing all colors so that at first glance the canvas just looks white, and then by very delicately painting just a majestic sense of existence.

Since then he has been exploring and producing art by expanding his method of capturing the sensation of atmosphere and existence, which can be found in normal backgrounds, to outside the range of human perception, and by repeated strokes of his brush, using a rich variety of colors. However, with the keyword of light (and tactile properties which he has connected together at a fundamental level), in this solo exhibition he is confronting his white-based paintings, which we should call ‘primordial’ for Hatayama (apart from the repeated color), and shows his development in terms of a return to his roots to confront the internal perception that us humans have been given.

In addition to new artworks from his white-based painting series which has been formally announced for the first floor, on the second floor his ‘Meteorological Chart’ which features multiple self-centered worlds with a bird’s eye view, can be seen. This artwork has been created via the accumulation of brush strokes in an effort which has taken years. In addition, his newly developed ‘Vegetation Language’ represents his theory for sharing the perception of fundamental truth, something which differs between trees and people, and how life resides not only in organic existence, but also in the digital world, such as AI for example. It is a series that adopts a focus on the mechanism by which different kinds of nature are formed, making this a solo exhibition that encompasses the different aspects of Hatayama’s art up to now over the space of 2 floors.



Graphic Design

Minori Asada

Taishi Hatayama

1992 Born in Kanagawa, Japan
2015 B.F.A., Department of Oil Painting at Tama Art University, Tokyo
2017 M.F.A., Department of Oil Painting at Tama Art University, Tokyo

Solo Exhibition
2017 “Astray in Time” SEZON ART GALLERY, Tokyo
2014 “HATAYAMA Taishi Exhibition” GALLERY b.TOKYO, Tokyo


EUKARYOTE is an art space which has been established in Jingumae, Tokyo, in 2018. Within the concept of something more than an occurrence of art, there is an ever spinning contemporary coin of tangibility and intangibility, and it is this essence, this universal value held by artworks and artists, which is actively accepted but left behind.