Kazuto Ishikawa solo exhibition「Overload」

Kazuto Ishikawa solo exhibition「Overload」



Ishikawa was selected as one of the photographers to participate in LUMIX MEETS BEYOND 2020 BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #3, for which all of the photographers’ work was exhibited in Tokyo and Paris. Their modern photographs, as cutting edge artists, were gathered together and published, so that their areas of activity expanded.

In his first solo exhibition last year, he exhibited a series of artwork called Humanity, he used a digital camera, and then by using an analogue technique he applied images that were accidentally created to his art. He shined brilliantly once again with this indistinct expression, with colors that had vivid paint transparency, that left the impression of turning contemporary people into information vessels.

“Information now exists as an individual.
A.I. is like this.
And then,where do we come from ?
What are we? Where are we going ?
This will shape humans, there are things that won’t repeat, things that you will feel whether they exist or don’t exist, and in-between it a kind of harmonic resonance in the air, something like both tension and ease, and also there is a part that contains the excellence of Japanese people. ”

Recently, he seems to overturn photos with unreal images, this continues in his ambitious development which is literally hair raising, for example in his artwork Overload, which is also the name of this exhibition, he has covered an entire wall of the exhibition space with color and an absolute immense feeling of substance as he “tries to define the difference in feeling that occurs when a quantity of information is handled as usual, and what manifests out of an overloaded quantity of information.”

In this, he isn’t ridiculing us, the people exposed to huge amounts of abstract information; he is in fact putting into a message something like affection for all of us who live in physical bodies that are inseparable from the self.

For this exhibition, in the same space as his latest art we will exhibit his comparatively early experimental artwork Flowers, his newest piece The Automobile, and also his artworks Overload and Humanity.

Please enjoy this chance to see this brilliant artist’s work.

Opening reception

2018.3.2 (Fri) 18:00-20:00

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Kanamarushin Corporation


Kazuto Ishikawa
Born in 1983 in Saitama. In 2008 he graduated from Tokyo Visual Arts College. Beginning with the Humanity series, he uses an overlaying technique on an outputted image with massive amounts of ink by which the image’s subject emerges with vague color contours; with this theme he is making a representation of ‘our’ identity in regards to the modern age of information overload. As well as being chosen for the 2015 LUMIX MEETS BEYOND 2020 BY JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHERS #3, he also had a solo exhibition in 2017 at SEZON ART GALLERY called Humanity.


EUKARYOTE is an art space which has been established in Jingumae, Tokyo, in 2018. Within the concept of something more than an occurrence of art, there is an ever spinning contemporary coin of tangibility and intangibility, and it is this essence, this universal value held by artworks and artists, which is actively accepted but left behind.