Our contemporary art gallery EUKARYOTE will open on 2nd March, 2018 (Friday) at a venue of cultural inheritance located between Omotesando and Gaienmae. Before the official opening we will hold a preview exhibition from the 16th of February (Friday) to the 25th of February (Sunday). This group exhibition, entitled PREVIEW, will feature the work of 12 artists, from artists who we have high expectations for what they will do in future art scenes, to artists who up to now have been active in alternative venues.

Artists who will participate include those who used to be represented by our predecessor SEZON Art Gallery, such as photographer ISHIKAWA Kazuto and painter YAMAGUCHI Soichi. This artist collective is represents a shore of catharsis, and includes, ISOMURA Dan, OGAWA Junya, KATSUKI Keisuke, SHINAGAWA Haruna, TAKAYAMA Natsuki, TANAKA Ryosuke, NAKAJIMA Haruya, HATAYAMA Taishi, and BO Yang. We hope you will come see this group exhibition which shows the direction that EUKARYOTE wishes to take, that is to be beyond conventional boundaries and genres of art, and to be centered on young artists in their 20s.

EUKARYOTE has a building with space over 3 floors and a rooftop, on the first floor the wall surface starting even just from the glass door are really eye-catching, and great for exhibiting large 2D artworks. The second floor has wide walls which are perfect for projecting video artwork, while the third floor has our offices and space for occasional exhibitions. The rooftop has counters, and tables, and the installed benches serve as a place where visitors can sit and mingle with each other.

SEZON Art Gallery closed in November last year, EUKARYOTE will continue its vision of a place “where art can intersect with daily life,” as well as take on the artists who were represented by that same gallery. As a first step for buying fine art pieces alongside helping nurture the talents of young artists, we want art quality to be high while the entry criteria should be low. We want our gallery to be a place that creates new context, irrespective of pre-existing concepts, a place where artists and collectors can be mutually involved, and somewhere where we can build a platform which we can all nurture together.

Opening reception

2018.2.16 (Fri) 18:00-20:00


Kazuto Ishikawa
Soichi Yamaguchi
Katarushisu no kishibe
Dan Isomura
Junya Ogawa
Keisuke Katsuki
Haruna Shinagawa
Natsuki Takayama
Ryosuke Tanaka
Haruya Nakajima
Taishi Hatayama
Yang Bo


EUKARYOTE is an art space which has been established in Jingumae, Tokyo, in 2018. Within the concept of something more than an occurrence of art, there is an ever spinning contemporary coin of tangibility and intangibility, and it is this essence, this universal value held by artworks and artists, which is actively accepted but left behind.